2015-06-15 Steven McDonaldBump copyright year master
2015-06-15 Steven McDonaldI've been reeducated in the ways of UNIX history
2015-06-14 Steven McDonaldTack on a publication date
2015-06-14 Steven McDonaldWhoops
2015-06-14 Steven McDonaldUpdate contact information staging
2015-06-14 Steven McDonaldWrite a rant about systemd
2014-11-08 Steven McDonaldThat's not what I meant to link to
2014-11-08 Steven McDonaldUpdate copyright page
2014-11-08 Steven McDonaldClarify that this is OpenBSD-specific
2014-11-08 Steven McDonaldShow spaces properly, too
2014-11-08 Steven McDonald<code> doesn't excuse me from putting HTML in my HTML
2014-11-08 Steven McDonaldAdd some info on devtree
2014-11-08 Steven McDonaldI haven't used that repo in years
2013-07-19 Steven McDonaldForgot to bump this
2013-07-19 Steven McDonaldPull my website out of 2011
2011-11-26 Steven McDonaldsecurity considerations are important
2011-11-26 Steven McDonaldFFFFFFFFFFFF-
2011-11-26 Steven McDonaldssh can be tt'd too
2011-11-26 Steven McDonaldbump last modified date
2011-11-26 Steven McDonaldmoar stuff in debian on android tute
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldmoar cosmetics
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldcosmetic changes
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldhelps to trust the archive we're using
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldneed a sources.list and resolv.conf to install shit
2011-11-25 Steven McDonalduse line-height: 1.5em for li
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldand moar
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldwrite moar
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldHTML is hard, man
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldstart work on debian on android tutorial
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldnah, fuck off
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldwe don't really need all that, surely?
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldmeh
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldi'm on fire today >_<
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldthis should look a bit better
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldderp
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldcreate debian on samsung galaxy tutorial page
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldthat will insert a space where I don't want one
2011-11-25 Steven McDonaldI actually have git-daemon now \o/
2011-09-28 Steven McDonaldupdate pgp_public_key.asc, new signatures
2011-09-28 Steven McDonaldfix args to wget for brevity
2011-09-28 Steven McDonaldmove content-type meta tag to the top of <head> section
2011-09-28 Steven McDonaldadd <br> tags, d'oh
2011-09-28 Steven McDonaldadd /projects/ section, rather than just link to gitweb...
2011-09-28 Steven McDonaldfix modes on files (why were these all executable?)
2011-09-28 Steven McDonaldadd ugly page
2011-09-27 Steven McDonaldremove .htpasswd from git, we don't want it here
2011-09-25 Steven McDonaldadded projects link to gitweb
2011-09-25 Steven McDonaldupdate pgp public key (why is this different?)
2011-09-25 Steven McDonaldremove articles section, it only contained one fairly...
2011-09-25 stevenpassword protect staging environment with .htpasswd...
2011-09-24 Steven McDonaldfix fucked up shit from reverts in licence.shtml
2011-09-24 Steven McDonaldRevert "fixed up non-free shit"
2011-09-24 Steven McDonaldRevert "Moved main site to main/, created non-free/"
2011-07-10 Steven McDonaldnon-obfuscated xmpp address too
2011-07-10 Steven McDonaldchanged email address to not be stupidly obfuscated
2011-07-10 Steven McDonaldRevert "Added GPL option and clarification on reason...
2011-03-15 Steven McDonalds/articles/tutorials/ in a comment
2011-03-15 Steven McDonaldplaced last updated date in 915resolution.shtml
2011-03-15 Steven McDonaldfixed formatting
2011-03-15 Steven McDonaldfixed formatting
2011-03-15 Steven McDonaldAdded 915resolution page.
2011-03-06 Steven McDonaldfixed up non-free shit
2011-03-06 Steven McDonaldMoved main site to main/, created non-free/
2011-02-27 Steven McDonaldAdded clarification on what "this website" means.
2011-02-27 Steven McDonaldAdded GPL option and clarification on reason for licens...
2011-02-27 Steven McDonaldFixed paragraph formatting.
2011-02-27 Steven McDonaldAdded article on Creative Commons licences.
2011-02-26 Steven McDonaldChanged images to be stored locally again, so I can...
2011-02-11 Steven McDonaldFixed grammar, yo
2011-02-11 Steven McDonaldAdded identi.ca in about page
2011-02-10 Steven McDonaldAdded space between valid HTML/CSS icons, to make alt...
2011-02-10 Steven McDonaldMoved images to images.steven-mcdonald.id.au
2011-02-10 Steven McDonaldUpdated contact details.
2011-02-08 Steven McDonaldChanged site name to include hyphen.
2011-02-07 Steven McDonaldUpdated license notice.
2011-02-07 rootfinally happy with colour scheme
2011-02-07 rootalso tweaked nav bar
2011-02-07 Steven McDonaldmoar tweaks
2011-02-07 Steven McDonaldfixed shit
2011-02-07 Steven McDonaldMerge branch 'master' of palpatine:/srv/git/www
2011-02-07 Steven McDonaldmore tweaking of nav bar colours
2011-02-07 rootblah, fixed shit from last commit
2011-02-07 Steven McDonaldDarkened background colour, made the navigation bar...
2011-02-07 Steven McDonaldChanged sitename to have ^www.
2011-02-07 rootBah, stupid index.html...
2011-02-07 rootInitial commit.